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10x10 ‚Äč

Western economics are driven by the promise of an never ending spiral to the top, of more consumption, more luxury and more convenience for everything. This contradiction of an infinite growth can be mapped to the auditory phenomenon of a sheppard tone, an ever ascending tone, but just as infinite growth in a finite world, this is just an illusion, a trick on our senses.

The ever ascending tone gets disrupted by an additional tone, a sheppard tone which descends, seemingly infinitely. This descending sheppard tone gets a visual representation through vertical lines which runs perpendicular to the horizontal lines of the ascending tone.

Just like a magician revealing the mechanics of the tricks, the composition dissects the inner mechanics of the sheppard tone through de-construction, which demonstrates that the ever ascending tone is just an illusion. The deconstruction is also visually represented, allowing for the emergence of new patterns not just in a visual and auditory manner, but also as something beyond the sum of its part through their intervening.

I see the piece as a possible answer to Mark Fisher's question of how the capitalist society could end in a poetic, audio-visual and abstract manner: through, en-mystification of its inner mechanics and revealing of its contradictions, through opposition and intervention, followed by a re-adaptation in de-construction.

The performance has an expected runtime of 10 to 15 minutes. A snippet of a rehearsal is shown below, a full recording will be uploaded.