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Soll- und Ist Zustand

AI algorithms are used to analyze or generate structured data. Use cases range from face recognition to speech generation to text generation. In order for such algorithms to "learn" structures, they are presented with a dataset that contains variations of structures through examples.

In Soll- und Ist-Zustand I want to visually contrast the duality of label and example, input and output, practice and perfection using 2 projectors and also question the associated normalized attributes. Through the data sets an actual state of our society shall be shown and how little utopias play a role in the target state of data sets. The acoustic component of the composition is to be in a rhythmic dialogue with the images, whereby a deviation of the synchronicity of image and sound is also to demonstrate a phenomenologically intuitive state of should and is.


The recording is a mix of the two performances at the Lange Tag der Neuen Musik and the Klang und Realität Sommerfest, where the recording at the Sommerfest consists only of a single screen. There is a photo below which shows the setup at the Sommerfest with the two screens.



Performance @ Klang und Realität Sommerfest


Performance @ Kunstakademie Düssledorf

A remixed version which uses one projector and emphasis on the distortion of label and example.

Performance @ Langer Tag der neuen Musik

Setup @ Partika Saal Setup