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For this composition I wanted to take the characteristics of this abandoned boiler room into account and for this I took inspiration from the works by Maryanne Amacher - not only because of the use of otoacoustic emission but also the idea of fine tuning the acoustics of a place by adjusting the placements of each loudspeaker seemed to me a very fitting here as the reverberation of the place already tints the sound in specific ways and instead of ignoring this or try to tackle this one can see it as a gift which can be embraced and used for impact of the composition.

As there was also a cellar underneath the boiler room I used this opportunity to place 2 loudspeakers and a projector down there which allowed for a very distant sound as well as a indirect illumination within the boiler room. It was also possible to access the cellar via a staircase, allowing for an alternative room for the composition with a more close sound as well as.

Pointing the 2nd projector against the ceiling allowed me to have a vertical transgression of sound and visuals instead of the more traditional horizontal one, allowing to move the field of attention from the cellar underneath, to the horizontal loudspeaker placement within the boiling room as well as to visual enriched ceiling.

The auditory content was generated and controlled live with SuperCollider, while the visuals where done in openFrameworks and lasted for around 10 minutes.