2022-12-17 - XNPM22 - Sieve Algebra Study

Where? Online and Athens Conservatory for XNPM22: Xenakis Networked Performance Marathon 2022

When? 2022-12-17 @ 2300 GMT

What? Live coding performance Sieve algebra study for groups of unknown size with distributed SuperCollider instances and distributed visuals via p5js.

For this piece I developed a live coding environment with Prof. Julian Rohrhuber in which we used Xenakis notion of sieves to generate rhythm, melodies, spectrum and its modulation from a sieve for each loudspeaker. The constraint of limiting ourselves to the concept of a sieve was really fruitful as it allowed us to apply the same method in different entanglements, applying the sieve on itself at different rates of time. Having this performed in a distributed manner across the globe seems to fit the radical thinking of Iannis Xenakis Xenakis. For further information about sieves I wrote a discussion about it in the Xenakis course I organized in 2021/2022.

The performance spot @ Experimentallabor of RSH Düsseldorf

The performance spot @ Experimentallabor of RSH Düsseldorf.

Screenshot of the distributed live visuals

Screenshot of the distributed live visuals.

A recording of the event, yet the video stream is a bit stuttering because of slow upload speeds at our Düsseldorfer location.